A true entrepreneur

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Ate Remi, 60 years old and a true entrepreneur! She raised six children of which two graduated from college – one summa cum laude. Since her husband was not able to support his family sufficiently, Remi did everything she could to earn some extra money. When the children were in High School she made Native delicacies and sold them from her home. She cleans at four different households and sews costumes for school. She is very determined:
“That time I’m not thinking of giving up and poverty is not a hindrance just set your mind to your goal.”
Dandelion is impressed by her zealious attitude and gave her a micro credit so she could extend her ventures – now she partners with a sibling who lives in the province (country) to raise some pigs, she sells second hand clothes and is installing a little tailoring shop and a “sari sari store” (small items) in her house.
Well done, Ate Remi! All the best!