What is Dandelion doing?

Dandelion is a non-profit association founded in May 2014 by Johannes Hoffmeister, Aaron Overmeyer and Sascha Pflieger after a trip to the Philippines. Our journey shaped us so much and made us think that back in Germany we decided to help people in need. The name for our aid organization in Munich was quickly found. Dandelion is the English word for dandelion, and the symbolism of the term is, as the seed of the plant works, accordingly the spread of our help. Dandelion's big dream and mission is to get children and teenagers off the streets and support families. With our local partners, we have personal contact and can help directly where it is needed. All society members work exclusively on a voluntary basis. No financial benefits flow into administration and organization.

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Our help projects

The aim of our work is to make aid projects sustainable. That is why we are in constant contact with people and existing local organizations who know the culture and grievances best. With regard to our Misson, we are currently working on setting up a so-called "Development Center" in which interested people receive training. The locals can learn crafts and graduate here. Then you can work and independently finance your livelihood. Another project of ours is community development. Here we work together with the Gymnasium Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, who are strongly committed to this project in the Philippines. More than 100 families can use microcredit to run a small business that covers both your running costs and helps to significantly improve your quality of life.

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Our dedicated team

For four years our society already exists and we have been able to help many poor people. Our lifeblood flows into various projects, all of which serve to improve the living conditions of the people in the Philippines. Our co-founders are Johannes Hoffmeister, Aaron Overmeyer and Sascha Pflieger. Aaron Overmeyer was replaced as the second board member of Johanna Blum in November 2017, as Aaron currently lives in New Zealand. He will stay with us as a member, of course. The core team of our aid organization Dandelion lives and works in Munich. We still have three volunteers in the Philippines on site. Our goal is to keep administrative costs as low as possible. In addition, no donations go into the administration, but directly there, where it is needed. We give you our promise!

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A letter from Headmaster Alu to all donors

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Background informations to our berean learn center in Fang, Chiang Mai It is a pleasure to see our students go to school. Our greatest hope is to see our students grow academically and characteristically. Education is new to some of them because they never went to school from birth. Today millions of Shan children are unable to learn due to poverty, discrimination and war. Shan has a population of more than seven million and of these seven million, 30% of children … Read More

School donation run 2019 – Review

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On July 19, 2019, our annual donation run again took place in the Gymnasium Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. For six years now, the fundraiser has been organized by AK Philippines students and every year it is again a great success. The weather was once again on our side. It was pleasantly warm. This year there were a bit less students than last year, but that was obviously no reason to collect less donations. Approximately 800 students took part in this year’s run and … Read More

Gymnasium Höhenkirchen Siegertsbrunn donation run 2019

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This year we again managed to organize a charity run for our aid organization with the Gymnasium Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. Since 2014, the students are already active and collect donations for the AK Philippines. The students organize everything themselves and get support from sponsors, fellow runners and the parents’ council. That the campaign is successful every year, proves the charity run of 2015. Here were about 17,000 € “run”. We guarantee that the money arrives on site and is used, for example, … Read More

Our daily school in Wiang Fang Thailand

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Dandelion is not only aktiv on the Philippines as a help organization, but also in Thailand. In Chiang Mai Province, high in the north of Thailand, we support a Shan People’s Day School living in a small village called Wiang Fang. The Shan people are one of the largest minorities in Myanmar and belong to the Tai-peoples family. Most Shan are Buddhists and live very traditional. Our day school looks after more than 40 children and teaches them religion, math, … Read More

Review: Donation run on 13th July 2018

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The donation run at the Gymnasium in Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn was a complete success again this year. Since 2014, AK Philippines students have been organizing an annual fundraising run to raise money for our community development project in a slum of about 100,000 people in Davao. The weather on the fifth donation run was as ordered by us. A bright blue Bavarian sky and bright sunshine made for ideal running conditions. More than 1,000 participants took part in the fundraiser this year. … Read More

Donation run Gymnasium Höhenkirchen Siegertsbrunn

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Also this year there will be another donation run at the Gymnasium Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. Since 2014, AK Philippines students are organizing an annual fundraiser to raise money for our community development project. Such a great event is not easy to organize. At many breaks and even afternoons, the students get together and motivate sponsors, fellow travelers and activate the parents’ council. That the campaign is successful every year, proves the charity run of 2015. This was about 17,000 € “run”. Of … Read More

Co-Founder visits recipients in their homes

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Our Co-Founder and 1. Chairman, Johannes Hoffmeister, spent this weekend in Agdao in order to reconnect with the recipients and hold the first official meeting with the board of the new formed Dandelion – Hands on Charity – Philippines. “Heart broken by so many tragic life stories, but also very thrilled by the help we could provide for our recepients.” This year – 2018 – Dandelion Philippines is providing around 200 micro credits for citizens of Agdao, a very poor … Read More

Let’s go! Four new rounds of microcredits

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We are happy to have been able to start four new rounds of microcredits in November and December 2017. Over 100 families are profitting through our program and we are hoping to reach over 130 families in 2018. Next to financial support we also offer teachings in how to budget wisely and even extend their business in a sensible way.

Our new vice president: Johanna Blum

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We are delighted to present our new vice president: Johanna Blum! A very warm welcome to our team from Dandelion Hands on Charity! At our last annual convention in october we elected a new vice president, since the previous and founding member Aaron Overmeyer and family is going to extend his stay in New Zealand to continue his studies. Thus it was reasonable to release his function to somebody at home, nearer to the action. A big thank you to … Read More