Our daily school in Wiang Fang Thailand

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Dandelion is not only aktiv on the Philippines as a help organization, but also in Thailand. In Chiang Mai Province, high in the north of Thailand, we support a Shan People’s Day School living in a small village called Wiang Fang. The Shan people are one of the largest minorities in Myanmar and belong to the Tai-peoples family. Most Shan are Buddhists and live very traditional.

Our day school looks after more than 40 children and teaches them religion, math, Shan and English. In addition, the children get a full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the small school, lessons are also played and read in the library. All books are donations and help the children develop their skills. In addition to the school, there is a kindergarten, where the children from 2 to 5 years, are cared for. Here they can paint and play.

Even after school is far from closing time for the employees. They also visit and look after the families of the children. Bring food and talk with parents about the problems of everyday life. During the holidays the families are also supported. The helpers bring some variety in by organizing trips.

The Shan people and their families are very grateful for the help of Dandelion and we are happy about every little donation.